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This text is a translation based on an older version of Hortipedia general disclaimer. The original text can be found here (german). In case of doubt the official german version does apply.

Disclaimer according to German teleservice law


  • publisher:
    Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Fachbereich Landschaftsarchitektur
    Catherina Ruffing, Gräfin Bernadotte af Wisborg
  • Owner: Business Graduate, University of applied sciences for business administration, Romuald Ruffing
  • Fruchthallstrasse 13
  • 66424 Homburg
  • Deutschland
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  • mail@hortipedia.com
  • Internet: www.hortipedia.com
  • USt-IdNr.: DE814711538

Terms of use

Hortipedia is an open Garden Information Gateway. More information on the project on About Hortipedia. The term "open" means that Hortipedia can be accessed freely and free of charge. Further use and distribution of texts and files/images contained in Hortipedia are regulated by the various Terms of licensing.

All Hortipedia authors are called on to create their contribution to this website according to their best knowledge. Content of Hortipedia is developed openly and without immediate editorial monitoring or checking. Practically any content may be changed by anyone any time. Especially works that are suspected to be violating copyright or exploitation right may be rectified or deleted immediately without consultation. Every user is responsible to the full extent for their contributions. The provider reserves it's right to exclude individual users.

Furthermore please note our Privacy policy.


The Hortipedia authors are permanently working on improving the individual contributions. It is still be possible, that information on this site may be incorrect, incomplete, antiquated, taken out of context or shortened. No responsibility can be taken for harm or damages originating in depending on the contents of this website or their use. Please note the seperate Notes on legal matters and Notes on health matters.

The authors and other persons responsible for this project do not assume liability for the content of published articles, especially with regard to accuracy, up-to-dateness and completeness for the information provided. The enforcement of claims or titles of any kind is excluded.

Hortipedia users referred to as administrators or "sysops" are no official representatives of the site operator but merely users that have been granted advanced technical facilities. Usually these persons will be happy to help with questions or possible complaints, but they are not personally responsible for the website.

The provider of this website does not take responsibility for the up-to-dateness, accuray or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against the owner that advert to tangible or intangible harm or damages originating by the use or disuse of the information provided or the use of incorrect or incomplete information respectively are principally excluded, unless verifiably caused deliberately or due to gross negligence by the owner. All offers are non-obligatory and may be subject to change. The owner explicitly reserves her right to change, amend, or delete the offer on the site in part or as a whole without further notice or to suspend the publication temporarily or finally.

Notes for rights owners

The site operator points out on all edit pages that no material may be used that is subject to the copyright of third parties. However, with the immense amount of electronical and printed publications in English it can not be ruled out that users may place unauthorized material that violates existing proprietary rights, and that this material will not be identified as such immediately.

If the operator is notified of a violation of copyright the material concerned will be removed immediately. Hortipedia can be reached under mail@hortipedia.com. The email should accurately name the content concerned (please state complete URL and the specific chapter if necessary) as well as the publication or website from where the unauthorized material has been taken.

Important note links on Hortipedia

We hereby explicitly distance ourselves from the contents on all websites linked on Hortipedia and are not adopting them as our own. This assertion applies to all links on Hortipedia that link to external providers. Liability for direct or indirect links to external websites (hyperlinks) that are outside the responsibility of Hortipedia will only come into effect if Hortipedia has notice of the contents and if it is technically possible and can be reasonably expected to prevent the use in case of illegal contents.

The owner hereby explicitly states that at the time pages are linked no illegal content has been noticeable on the pages linked. The owner does not have any influence on the current or future constitution of linked pages. Therefore the owner explicitly distances herself from all contents on all pages that have been changed after being linked. This statement applies to all links and references within Hortipedia as well as entries made by outsiders in guest books, discussion panels, links lists, mailing lists and all other forms of databases on Hortipedia that can be accesses and edited by external users. In case of illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and particularly in case of harm or damages caused by the use or disuse of information provided in such a manner, the liability lies with the provider of the respective page and not with the person merely linking on it.

Notes on privacy policy

see Privacy policy

Legal effectiveness of this disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be viewed as part of the internet project that refers to this page. If parts or individual phrasing of this text are not, not any more or not completely in accordance with valid law, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in content or validity.