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Hortipedia is a free information platform that specializes in all that concerns plants and gardening. The initiator of the project is Catherina Ruffing Countess Bernadotte af Wisborg, a german landscape designer who wanted to offer one single site on the internet that offers a comprehensive and in-depth guide to "all things green".

The idea behind it is that anyone can create and edit entries and thus share their special knowledge. Since Hortipedia is meant to be a specialized encyclopaedia rather then a general lexicon authors are very welcome to cover the various subjects in detail and include such things as instructions, tips and other pieces of advice.

A special feature of Hortipedia is the unique plant database which allows you to run a combined search by life-form, flower colour, soil conditions, and many more...

HP Blatt grün 05-05-72 graphic file 1KB.gif Copyright and licensing
The importance of this issue cannot be emphasized too much since copyright infringement can have very disagreeable consequences.
HP Blatt grün 05-05-72 graphic file 1KB.gif Advertising
If you are interested in advertising your company/products on Hortipedia please take a look at the media data. Since it is important to Hortipedia to keep the articles and informations independent and free, advertisements will always be clearly identifiable as such and will not be mixed with user-generated content.