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Annuals and Biennials Annuals and Biennials (common names) Aquarium plants Aquarium plants (common names) Avenue trees Avenue trees (common names)
Plants for balconies Plants for balconies (common names) Plants providing bee pasture Plants providing bee pasture (common names) Plants providing bird pasture Plants providing bird pasture (common names) Plants providing bird shelter Plants providing bird shelter (common names) Bonsai Bonsai (common names) Plants for borders Plants for borders (common names) Broadleef trees and shrubs Broadleef trees and shrubs (common names) Bulbs and Tubers Bulbs and Tubers (common names)
Plants for cemeteries Plants for cemeteries (common names) Classis Climbers Climbers (common names) Conifers Conifers (common names) Plants for conservatories Plants for conservatories (common names) Container plants Container plants (common names) Plants for cottage gardens Plants for cottage gardens (common names) Cut flowers Cut flowers (common names)
Plants for desert gardens Plants for desert gardens (common names) Divisio Dried flowers Dried flowers (common names)
Economic plants Plants suitable as energy sources Plants suitable as energy sources (common names)
Plants for facade greening Plants for facade greening (common names) Familia Families (common names) Fibre-supplying plants Fibre-supplying plants (common names) Food plants Food plants (common names)
Genera (common names) Genus Grasses (life-form) Grasses (life-form common names) Ground cover Ground cover (common names)
Plants for hanging baskets Plants for hanging baskets (common names) Hedge plants Hedge plants (common names) Houseplants Houseplants (common names)
Main category Medicinal plants Medicinal plants (common names) Monotypic genera Plants for moorland gardens Plants for moorland gardens (common names)
Plants for natural gardens Plants for natural gardens (common names) Plants suitable for naturalizing Plants suitable for naturalizing (common names) Plants providing naval store Plants providing naval store (common names)
Ordo Ornamental foliage Ornamental foliage (common names) Ornamental fruit Ornamental fruit (common names) Ornamental plants Ornamental plants (common names)
Plants for peat beds Plants for peat beds (common names) Perennials Perennials (common names) Plantae (botanical names) Plants (common names) Plants by life-form Plants by name Plants by taxonomic rank Plants by usage Plants protected by CITES Plants protected by CITES (common names) Potted plants Potted plants (common names)
Plants for raised beds Plants for raised beds (common names) Rockery plants Rockery plants (common names) Plants for roof greening Plants for roof greening (common names) Plants for rooftop gardens Plants for rooftop gardens (common names)
Scented plants Scented plants (common names) Shrubs Shrubs (common names) Plants for slopes Plants for slopes (common names) Specimen plants Specimen plants (common names) Subclassis Subdivisio Subordo Subshrubs Subshrubs (common names) Succulents Succulents (common names) Plants for summer beds Plants for summer beds (common names) Superordo
Technically used plants Technically used plants (common names) Plants suitable for topiary Plants suitable for topiary (common names) Toxic plants Toxic plants (common names) Trees Trees (common names) Type species
Plants for water edges Plants for water edges (common names) Plants for windbreaks and soil protection Plants for windbreaks and soil protection (common names) Winter ornamentals Winter ornamentals (common names) Wood-supplying plants Wood-supplying plants (common names)