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Of course we happy for any pages linking to http://en.hortipedia.com. The banners and buttons on this page have been designed explicitely for this purpose and may be used to link to hortipedia.

Attention: the hortipedia logo and the banners and buttons on this page are part of the hortipedia project and database and thus protected by copyright! They may be used in editorial coverage or to advertise hortipedia.com. Any other use are subject to authorization by hortipedia.com


Micro button (80x15 px)

Hortipedia micro button graphic file 286B.png

Hortipedia animated micro button 1,98KB.gif

Hortipedia micro button graphic file 5,4KB.jpg

Hortipedia animated micro button 15,1KB.gif

80x15 Pixel


no frame

no frame, animated


Small square (75x75 px)

Hortipedia small square with frame graphic file 10,4KB.jpg with frame

no frame

Hortipedia animated small square with frame 8,98KB.gif with frame, animated

no frame, animated


Button 1 (120x90 px)

Hortipedia button 1 with frame graphic file 14,9KB.jpg with frame

no frame

Medium Rectangle (300x250 px)

Hortipedia medium rectangle with frame graphic file 41,3KB.jpg

300x250 Pixel, mit Rahmen

300x250 Pixel, ohne Rahmen

Vertical banners

Skyscraper (120x600 px)

Hortipedia skyscraper graphic file fence 87KB.jpg Hortipedia skyscraper graphic file Hydrangea 68,2KB.jpg Hortipedia skyscraper graphic file moss 96,7KB.jpg Hortipedia skyscraper leaf graphic file 63,9KB.jpg Hortipedia skyscraper graphic file bamboo 85,9KB.jpg

Wide skyscraper (160x600 px)

Hortipedia wide skyscraper birds graphic file 117KB.jpg Hortipedia wide skyscraper fern graphic file 131KB.jpg Hortipedia wide skyscraper meadow graphic file 115KB.jpg Hortipedia wide skyscraper palm stem graphic file 105KB.jpg
Hortipedia wide skyscraper red seat graphic file 122KB.jpg